Monday, 7 March 2011

Handmade Monday: Lots of variety!

Here we are - Handmade Monday again! Thanks to Wendy at 1st Unique Gifts for hosting this - it's really helping to keep me motivated to blog regularly and share my creations! I originally planned to blog twice a week, but hey - once a week is better than nothing isn't it?!

It's been a very varied week - a combination of baby impressions and other handmade bits & bobs. Just the way I like it - I love the variety of working from home and choosing what to work on each day.

Here are some baby casts that I finished - so sweet! It does have a little foot on the right hand side, but it didn't fit into the photo without catching reflections off the window! Still, you get the idea...

Baby hand cast with a sweet poem

On the knitting/crochet front, I made a knitted letter 'B' for my daughter - what do you think? I've also started making an 'L' and 'O' - probably to make 'LOVE' but maybe 'LOL' if I'm feeling lazy!

Knitted Letter for my daughter

I also started (but haven't finished) some crochet 'granny' bunting - I want to finish this off before the weekend when I'm at my monthly craft market near home. Nothing like a deadline to keep me focused! There are going to be some other colour combos in it, I'll try and photograph it when it's all done.

Crochet bunting

Finally, I sent off one of my photo frames to be professionally photographed for my Giftwrapped & Gorgeous boutique, and I received the files back. I was really thrilled at how well they came out - much better than I could ever manage. Now I just need to sell lots of them!

I started making these last year, but recently changed the style and size of the writing to make it look like it's written by a child - actually it was really difficult to write like that! My natural instinct was to try and be neat rather than the opposite. The little shapes in the corners are made from polymer clay, with the images stamped into it before baking. By the way, the cheeky little boy is actually my son (not called Harry!) - the photo is quite old now but he is still just as cheeky!!

I hope you enjoyed this week's post - now you've read this, please visit 1st Unique Gifts and have a look at the other bloggers and their lovely creations! See you next week (if not before...) xx


  1. Wow you're a lady of many talents! i love the baby hand cast and the photo frame. You're son looks as cheeky as mine :) xx

  2. Great items again. The bunting as great fun :)

  3. You stuff is just so adorable. Wish I had seen this kind of thing when my boys were little, I would have snapped it up! I love the picture frame, I agree about making the writing look like it was done by a child, and your son is so cute in that picture (I love the term cheeky, boy were mine cheeky!). You get such great detail in those hand casts. Just a wonderful trip over here as usual. :)

  4. The picture frame is adorable! I love the idea of the polymer clay dainties. Brings it all together.

    I think you should go with a LOL, just to be different ;)

  5. I really like the idea of a knitting LOL. It's just not something you would expect to see knitted.

    I can think of lots of people I'd give an 'LOL' to!

    Anna x

  6. You have been busy, put me to shame the hand impressions are so sweet

  7. I love the bunting, very effective :)

  8. That bunting is so different - I love it. I also absolutely *love* that knitted letter!

    Thanks for taking part in Handmade Monday x

  9. What a wonderful array of lovliness. Liking the idea of your kitted letter, could be the start of educational toys

  10. I love the knitted letter. It looks difficult to do. The frame is also gorgeous and your son is a cutie


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