Monday, 28 February 2011

Handmade Monday: Campervans!

It's handmade Monday again - sorry I missed last week, but it's been rather busy here with lots of wooden letters needing painting, covering, varnishing, posting out.... whew!

Anyway, don't forget to check in on Wendy's blog 1st Unique Gifts to see what she's been up to, and to have a browse through the other Handmade Monday blogs.

I've also been busy with baby impressions - here's one I finished this week:

Little Impressions: hand casts of 3 sisters
So you might be wondering why this blog post is called 'Campervans'!
Well, as part of my business is dealing with cute cuddly babies, I'm often browsing the internet or looking on twitter for great and unusual baby products - anything I can talk to my customers about whilst I'm squashing their baby's hands or feet in clay!

This week I came across some fabulous little baby shoes - they just made me think "Oh wow! How sweet are these? I wish I'd seen them when my daughter was a baby." So here they are:

Campervan Baby Shoes!
They are made from lovely quality leather by the British company Pre Shoes . There are loads of lovely designs, including a blue/red campervan design for boys too!

Following on from that, I thought I'd have a browse on Folksy to see what else I could find with campervans on! There are loads of things!! However, some of the nicest I found were these cushions:

Handmade Campervan cushion
They are made by Kindred Rose and there are other lovely cushions in gorgeous colour combos. She is patiently waiting for her first Folksy sale, so please do visit :)

That brings me nicely back to Wendy at 1st Unique Gifts who, of course, makes these which you can buy here

Personalised Campervan wall canvas
Wendy very kindly nominated me for a 'Stylish Blogger' Award as did Angels and Diamonds . Thank you both very much! I haven't had much chance to return the mention and nominate my 15 blogs, but I haven't forgotten....

Perhaps, once I've got through my piles of painted letters, unframed baby impressions, bags of knitting wool etc. I'll be organised enough!


  1. Everyone is going campervan mad ;) And yes I too need to sort out some time to get those nominees sorted in my own award hand out. I love the photo of the prints by the way. I bet it can be difficult to get little ones to sit still for long enough sometimes.

  2. Yes I agree campervans are definately popular :) The handcasts look very effective, what a great product :)

  3. Get you, being nominated for a blog award already! I quite agree though, your blog is very stylish. Let us know where to vote :)

  4. Thank you Jenny for mentioning my campervan cushions!! Heres hoping it will generate some sales :)
    Helen @ Kindred Rose

  5. I love those campervan shoes! The cushions are gorgeous too!!

    And thanks so much for featuring my campervan canvas - lovely of you! The campervans seem really popular in all their guises at the moment: plaques, chalkboards, etc.

    Thanks for taking part in Hanmdade Monday x

  6. I love the campervan stuff...all of it is really nice. Well done xx

  7. Great post, i love it all.
    The hand casts are brilliant.
    And i love campervans. Cushions and shoes lovely.

  8. All these cute campervans! Over here, I think we call them VW buses! :) And they are very retro. Cute cute cute!

  9. Those handcasts are good. An up to date version of hand painting. Loving the camper van theme. Would like a real one but they are so expensive nowadays.

  10. Campervans sure seem to be the in thing and you can see more and more of them about, have a great week and love the baby hand impressions.

  11. Loved reading your Blog post this week, you have found some wonderful and interesting items . I do agree with you Campervans are everywhere .

    I would love to own a full size van perhaps one day !!

  12. The handcasts are lovely, what a great idea. I love the campervan bits, those cushions are amazing, I do hope she has her first sale soon. Following you now through handmade Monday :) xx

  13. Thanks for all your lovely comments! If anyone has campervan products they want me to feature, let me know and I'll do 'Campervans Part II' :-)

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