About Me

Hi - Welcome to my blog! I'm Jenny - I have a long-suffering husband, two children and one naughty dog (a beagle, in case you're interested). I run a baby hand & foot casting business based in Staffordshire, UK and over the last few years I've rediscovered my love of all things crafty!

My particular passion is crochet and I love making quirky amigurumi toys and other random things. If I can combine this with a geeky, gaming theme then I'm even happier!

I currently sell some of my items on Etsy and Giftwrapped & Gorgeous - I have my own website too, but it's still very much a work in progress I'm afraid!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog - please feel free to leave comments (but no rude words please - I do check!).

Best wishes,
Jenny x

PS - this is my pet Sock Monster, Dave - he helps me out by making cups of tea, and occasionally getting tangled up in balls of yarn.

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