Monday, 1 August 2011

Photo Frames and Famous Footprints! - Handmade Monday #27

My goodness, how can it be August already?! I hope you're all enjoying some nice weather, and that you will find time to visit the 1st Unique Gifts blog to look at other crafters who are taking part in this 27th (!) Handmade Monday.

The summer holidays have descended upon us here, so I now have to fit my work/crafting in around my two children for the next six and a half weeks - oh dear!

My handmade efforts have mainly been these two personalised photo frames.

As usual, I've been crocheting some more baby boots - I'm trying to build up some stock for winter!

I also run a baby casting business - a franchise called Little Impressions - so have been busy finishing off little hands and feet too. I love the detail that my casts capture - all down to using the right sort of clay and plaster, and usually some luck too (babies can be extremely wriggly!).

I love all the detail on this cast!

The highlight of my week (even my year, actually) was that Little Impressions as a whole, was invited to the Eurostar Terminal at St. Pancras to take part in an Olympics '1 Year to Go' event. We took footprints from some famous sportsmen, and also footprints of some lucky competition winners from all over Europe. The prints are going to be turned into paving slabs (a bit like the Hollywood Boulevard thing) and will be placed at the station, leading everyone to the Olympics next year.
I'm afraid I didn't get to take prints of anyone famous, but my colleagues took prints from Lord Coe, and also Colin Jackson who was so nice and posed for lots of photos for us :)

Here are a few photos of our very busy morning - all these are courtesy of Little Impressions - thanks guys!

Lord Coe and Colin Jackson having their footprints taken

The Sports Minister, Lord Coe & Colin Jackson with their prints

Me in action (holding the bin!) - with a lady from Paris
who won a competition to take part.
We all had a great time - although it was hard work preparing all those slabs of clay. My arms were aching the next day!

Anyway, it's back to normality now - trying to get on top of my baby casting orders before we go away on our holidays - not that we're counting the days or anything.

Oh, and the sock monster has hardly grown at all - I've been too busy :(
Maybe next time....


  1. So you managed all of that even though your children are off school? Amazing! The little boots look lovely.

    Congratulations on your big day at St Pancras. Anna x

  2. Love those frames and bootees! Looks like it's been a busy time x

  3. Looks like you had a great time. The booties are gorgeous and I agree that the detail in the tiny hand cast is lovely.

    Jan x

  4. Great that you're involved with something as high profile as the Olympics, it's good to see crafting used in this way.

  5. Well, although I've been busy the house is now a total mess! Lots of cleaning and tidying up to do this week :(

  6. Wow we would have loved to have seen them at St.Pancras, we must have missed you by a few days. What a fun thing to do! x


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