Friday, 28 February 2014

Pinterest Picks - February 2014

Here's a quick roundup of a few of my favourite images this month:

First - following on the Star Wars theme from Valentines Day:

star wars cool stuff

Star Wars rubber ducks - Valentine quotes (note to self: might be useful next year!) - Han Solo encapsulated in a fridge door! Ha ha ha!!

Next some brilliant hat ideas:
geeky hats
R2D2 hat (just the right shape) - ET hat, good idea but he didn't have blue eyes did he?? - Brain hat, LOVE THIS!!

Finally, so good ol' crochet and knitty fun stuff
fun knits for feb
Knitted snowment being pulled by rabbits (very random, but brilliant - reminds me of Radagast the Brown in The Hobbit) - Monster Feet slippers, I need to make these! - and a Crochetdermy Rabbit Head which is just gorgeous!

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See you soon - have a woolly weekend!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

My 3 Favourite Fictional Couples

Not long until Valentines Day now... and everywhere is filled with hearts, flowers and happy couples!
Of course, if you're not part of a happy couple then you definitely need a knitted monster to hug instead - well, that's what Dave tells me anyway!
To follow the loved-up feeling in the air, I thought I would pick some lovely couples to share with you...

Here's a taster!
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