Monday, 13 February 2012

Short & Sweet

Ok, I confess - I have rather neglected my blogging duties of late! I could blame all sorts of things - Christmas, New Year, laziness, the children, my very old/slow/unreliable computer etc. etc. All of those things do hinder my progress - so.... I am attempting a new tack. I will try to post more often, but in shorter bursts. Let's see if it works!!!

So, what have I been up to? The most exciting thing is that I'm currently doing a handmade marketing course - so I'm busy learning all about all sorts of cool stuff like branding, writing great product descriptions, the dos and don'ts of selling online... we've covered so much my poor brain can hardly take it all in! This week is our week off, so I'm supposed to be putting it all into action, so I'm gradually re-vamping my website, hopefully listing some things on Folksy and adding to my new Etsy shop - phew!

My new Etsy shop scheme

If you want to have a nosey at the course I'm on, there are some great freebies on their website so do feel free to have a look at Handmade Horizons, and watch this space for more news!

I've also discovered the black hole of gorgeousness that is Pinterest - those of you who are on there already, you will know what I mean!!! I could spend literally hours pinning away, so have had to be strict and set my timer when I'm on there. If you like, you can follow me here.

Finally, here's a couple of recent makes - a mini monster, who lives on my daughter's schoolbag!

Knitted Mini Monster bag charm

and since I'm thinking about Easter - the knitted chickens are back! I've done a variation on last year - this one has been knitted and then felted, and has crochet & embroidered features. She is filled with polypellets and lavender too, so she smells rather nice - unlike real chickens...!

A felted Spring Chicken!

Ok - that's it for now! I shall try to post again sooner rather than later.
Now don't forget to visit Handmade Monday and click on some of the other links!

See you soon ;-) xx


  1. It's difficult to juggle everything, especially with youngsters and a husband in the mix. Good luck on your marketing course, it might be hard work now but it will make things easier in the long term.

    Love your chicken

    Jan x

  2. Both makes are really lovely, especially the mini monster. Certainly sounds like you are enjoying your marketing course and getting lots of ideas from it. Hope you enjoy your week 'off'.

  3. I like that mini monster. I know what you mean about Pinterest. It can be very addictive.

  4. There is real character in that chicken! I use HM and WOYWW as my line managers - else I would never find time to blog (I too have 'discovered' pinterest...)

  5. oh well, if you've discovered pinterest then you've lost your soul!! Love the felty chicken.

  6. I so LOVE the pink chicken!! I especially love her long knotted legs - so, so cute!! The course sounds great, and don't get me started on Pinterest! x

  7. The little monster and chicken are so cute! Glad that you are enjoying your course. Pinterest is fatal - time just goes! Have a good week. Mich x

  8. LOVE the bag charm. He's sooooooo tiny and cute!! Monsters rule. I've decided, monsters are the bees!

  9. Adorable chicken! And yes, Pinterest, I get on a roll with it and then I don't visit for awhile, but I'm sure we will run across each other there, I clicked and followed you. I love that place! A real time suck. But in a good way. :)

  10. Gosh a course sounds terribly grown up... I am off to take a look :)

    I am having to be really strict about Pinterest or my life would disappear!

  11. That course sounds really interesting, i'll have to have a look when I get a bit of spare time, I hope it goes well for you. The chicken is really cute. x

  12. Just to let you know, I've given you the Liebster Blog award. Pop over to my blog for details. x

  13. Love the monster and chicken! Your course sounds interesting so I'm off to have a look.
    Thank-you for sharing.
    Jo x

  14. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. A purple chicken is in progress so no doubt it will make an appearance on here soon! x


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