Monday, 27 February 2012

Handmade Wedding Keepsakes

Recently I've been working on something a bit different! As you know (or might not) I run a baby hand/foot casting business when I'm not busy being buried under knitting and crochet.

This year I've decided it's time to move into Wedding Impressions - after all, the whole 'handprint' idea is that it's a keepsake of a special time, capturing a wonderful moment and reminding you of those precious memories whenever you look at it - and weddings most definitely fall into that category!

 I took some hand casts from my friends, then gathered together some lovely little wedding mementos and downloaded a royalty-free photo. They were all mounted together in a solid oak box frame, and I'm really pleased with the end result.

Wedding Impressions and keepsakes

Close-up view

I also did a bridesmaid one which you can see on my Little Impressions Stafford Facebook Page - you can't see it in the photos but I added some confetti before I framed it too. Both frames got some really good feedback from a local wedding fair that my husband went to, so I'm looking forward to doing some more soon :)

If you have friends in Staffordshire who are getting married soon, then you can buy Impressions Vouchers online from Little Impressions.

And finally, here are some other lovely handmade wedding keepsakes that I spotted whilst browsing.

Wedding guest fingerprint art
This is such a great idea - available from Personalized Prints on Etsy

I couldn't do a blog post without some crochet, so here we are:

A beautiful crochet covered stone
These would make beautiful table decorations or wedding favours - see them at Table Top Jewels on Etsy

Crochet necklace
Wish I could make these - see it on my Wedding Keepsakes Pinterest Board

Finally, don't forget to look at Handmade Monday to see what the other creative people have been up to!
See you next time :)


  1. Your picture is lovely. What a brilliant design. Bet the couple loved it.

  2. The wedding keepsakes are a great idea, they look really pretty.
    Love the crocheted stone in your choices and the necklace looks stunning.

    Jan x

  3. I love wedding keepsakes as you can go ott and this frame is a perfect gift.

  4. I love your wedding keepsake frame - I think you should expect to get some orders rolling in! I also love the idea of the crocheted pebble and the fingerprint keepsake is a lovely idea.

  5. What an amazing and personal gift. These will be so popular, they are just perfect and original. x

  6. what a lovely idea and a great keepsake. (and how wonderful a wedding gift would that be for someone!) Mich :)


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