Monday, 5 March 2012

Some Spring coloured creations!

Hello again! It's gone rather chilly today - very different from the lovely mild weather we've had in the last week or so. Still, at least the sun is shining and so I can try and warm up my frozen fingers by telling myself that yes, it really is spring!

It's been a colourful week - I bought some lovely Cascade wool a while back and have been busy making a few bunny nuggets. Remember them? They got a mention last year in a recent projects post! I would really love to make them all year round - maybe with seasonal add-ons like little sunglasses for summer, or Santa hats for Christmas. Maybe I'll get round to it soon....
By the way, I should mention that the pattern is not my own creation - it's from a very clever lady called Rebecca Danger and if you want to make your own, here is the Bunny Nugget free pattern that she kindly shares with everyone!

Here is the latest Bunny Nugget gang :)

Bunny Nuggets for 2012! 

The one at the front has been turned into a keyring - perfect for a little Mothers' Day gift. If you love it, you can buy it from me on my website.

Finally, at long last I finished my crochet baby blanket! I don't have any babies (and am definitely not expecting any more!!) but a baby blanket is just about the right size I think. A huge doube-bed sized blanket would take me far too long and boredom would soon set in!

I love the bright, spring-like colours.

Granny square baby blanket - finished!

This has been keeping me lovely and warm over winter - and I'm quite sad to finish it. I will miss it's cosy softness sitting on my lap in the evenings. My next one is going to be an organic cotton one I think - just need to find some lovely colours, and wait until my husband isn't around to catch me spending yet more money on yarn!!

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Off now to warm my hands up on the dog!!
Ooh! By the way, I've just discovered Instagram on my phone - it's brilliant, so expect some more of my attempts at photography soon.
I snapped this one of Bea, our beagle, and I just love it :-)

Bea - looking very pretty!