Monday, 11 April 2011

Handmade Monday 11 - more knitted bunnies!

It's Handmade Monday again - yay! Many thanks as always to Wendy at 1st Unique Gifts for hosting this. Do please visit her and the other crafters' links - there are some lovely things!

This week, it's been the usual mix of personalised gifts...

Personalised Photo Frames
 ... baby castings....

A teeny, weeny hand cast!
... and, of course, knitted bunnies!

Work in progress...

Bunny Nuggets - new colours!
The one on the right is about the same colour as my son! We all spent all day Saturday out in the sunshine at Clumber Park (near Chesterfield) where we met up with some relatives and had a great time - but didn't realise how strong the sun was :(

Next on my knitting list (apart from lots more Bunny Nuggets) is this Sock Monster!

Sock Monster by Danger Crafts
He's been designed by the same lady who designed the Bunnies, and when my son saw this he literally begged me to make him one - he even wants one instead of an easter egg (that really shows how much he wants it!!) The pattern for these, and lots more cute knitted toys is available to buy from Rebecca Danger's Etsy store.

This week I've also done my bit by ordering a custom item from Made by Emma. She is a lovely local lady, who is making a personalised cushion for me, for my parents' Ruby Anniversary - I'm looking forward to seeing it!

Last but not least, here's the knitted chicken that didn't make it into last week's blog:

I'm not 100% happy with the beak, but as a first attempt it's ok - I will probably tweak the pattern to suit me next time!
See you next week, if not before :)


  1. Love the sock monster! The chicken is really adorable too, I love her legs, they look floppy. Awful cute! :)

  2. Aw. I just love your chicken beak an all. Love the colours. We got caught out on my daugthers Wedding day with the weather in April. It was a beautiful day and the reception was at a castle and in the grounds. Course everyone was outside in their wedding finery and didn't give a thought to the sun apart from sunglasses. We all got sunburnt. I had a heart shape top on so had the shape in red on my chest and hubby had a very red head and nose.!!
    Hugs Mrs A.

  3. just found your blog via 1st unique gifts and love to see how successful your creativity has become - love what you make and do!

  4. LOVE sock monster! The teeny cast makes me melt - so cute. Anna x

  5. Love everything you've shown this week. Great work

  6. Love the sock monkey! wonderful work this week.
    Hugs Sue x

  7. Fantastic, love the monster and love the chicken!

  8. You have been busy, love your work and the chicken is cute

  9. Oh that chicken is just so cute. Love how you've photographed him with the jars!

    Thanks for taking part in HM x

  10. Really like the colours of your bunnies, they are soooo cute. Knitting is not something I've attempted but sock monkeys I can do, they are so adorable.

    Jan x

  11. BUNNY NUGGETS. Not that I like them loads or anything! ;)

    Er that said... SOCK MONSTER... hehehe, know what I'm on the look out for after the wedding...

  12. awww the bunny nuggets! so cute and what a great name! love the chicken too.


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  14. Thanks everyone for your comments - looks like I will have to make a few sock monsters and see if they sell! ;-) Thanks also for the chicken feedback. Another one is in progress...


I would love to hear your comments and ideas - please feel free :-)