Monday, 28 November 2011

Sock Monster completion!!

Just a quick post today - I finished my latest knitted sock monster! Hooray!!
I know, I know... she took absolutely ages (I don't know why, but this one feels like a female) but to be fair, I was working on other projects in between.

I made a concerted effort over the weekend to finish knitting the final arm while I was at a craft event at a local shopping centre. Then the evening was spent stuffing and sewing...
and finally this morning, came the last (and rather cruel) part - sticking her little monster mouth onto her face.
Here's a photo of the torture in progess!

I know it looks cruel - but it was worth it!
And last but not least, here is the new sock monster (at the back on the right) making friends with the original 'Sock' (my little boy's bedtime companion) and my other recent monster.

They make quite a cute little family don't they?

I should mention here that the monsters are designed by the very clever Rebecca Danger, and if you want to make your own you can buy the patterns here.

As always, do pop over to 1st Unique Gifts and see what's been going on for Handmade Monday this week.

See you next time :-)


  1. They look very good all together, what happens if they get parted? lol

  2. Yes, a lovely family portrait! :-) they're fab.

  3. I love your sock monsters, and yes you're right, they look so sweet together. You should do photos and make them into 'family photo' gift cards :)

  4. They look like they're going to be up to mischief before long!

  5. They are fab:) you should make more to complete the family :)

  6. They are so cute! I love them, they seem like a lot of work (because I don't knit, knitting seems hard!) I admire them tho. What a family. :)

  7. They look great although i'm sure they weren't too happy having a book over their faces! Worth it though. x


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