Sunday, 28 August 2011

Handmade Monday - all the way from Jersey

This week I have been on holiday in my favourite place, Jersey in the Channel Islands. We are here for two weeks, which is a real treat - mainly because I celebrated my 40th birthday yesterday, so now am officially 'old' I guess!!

Of course, since I love crafts I couldn't resist visiting a local craft market here, so yesterday I dragged along a friend and my daughter round this lovely little lot of stalls. They were set up in St Aubins, which is a beautiful little part of the island.

St Aubins Farmers and Craft Market
Many of the stallholders belong to an association called Genuine Jersey which promotes locally produced goods on the island - what a wonderful way to keep people buying local to support their economy. 
First stop was a lovely stall Dangly Hearts which had some lovely fabric hearts, bunting, doorstops, cushions and many other pretty things. It was too busy to get a decent photo, but here is what I bought!

Handmade by Dangly Hearts :)
Next stop was a lovely, bright stall with painted pebbles and aromatic gifts. The stall was called 'On The Beach' but I can't find a website for them, so sorry I can't add a link!

Gorgeous brightly painted stones

There were some fabulous smells coming from this stall - The Soap Mill - so we just had to buy some soaps didn't we?!

Shame you can't smell things over the internet!

Finally, this was the stall that my daughter couldn't wait to get to - she literally dragged me across the square to get to it! We had a nice chat and bought a pencil case. My daughter is really pleased with the fact that hers will be different to anyone else's at school - a girl after my own heart!! Do have a look at
Nanette Regan - her products are really unique and great quality!

Lovely bright fabrics by Nanette Regan
 We met so many lovely stallholders - all of them were so friendly and chatty, it made it a lovely morning for us all so thank you!

We've got a few more days in Jersey, so hopefully there will be some sunshine and days on the beach. Then it's back home, and back to work - but don't worry, I have brought my knitting/crochet with me so hopefully there will be something of my own making to share next time :)

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Happy Bank Holiday! x


  1. What a lovely time - I feel very envious, as I'd love to go to Jersey.
    Happy Birthday!
    Jo x

  2. love craft fairs like that! so i understand your excitement. the stall with pebbles - so coool! the hearts you got are so cute! brilliant decoration for home :)

  3. Jersey is on my 'To Do' list and maybe some day, thank you for the trip around the craft fair the products look very good and original

  4. I'm impressed by the fact you're still blogging while you're on holiday, now that's commitment!

  5. Sounds like you are having a great time. The craft fair looks great and you made some great purchases.

  6. Sounds like you had a great time :) and happy birthday to you x

  7. Isn't it lovely to go to a fair and just look, enjoying what everyone else is doing. Why do I never find stones which would look good if they were painted... maybe that is why I was asked to give up art! :)

  8. It's always so exciting finding new craft markets on holiday - are you going to Guernsey too? I understand that is a great craft gallery there, and it is home of the wonderful imake podcast and blog (


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