Thursday, 27 January 2011

A Surprise Visit

Back in the old days before the children arrived, hubby and I used to enjoy a bit of birdwatching - personally I blame my father-in-law who is an avid birdwatcher (or 'twitcher' which is the term for an obsessive birdwatcher!).

Anyway, we don't have much time for such things any more - our birdwatching tends to be restricted to the back garden or the occasional walk in the country.
However, there was great excitement one night this week when we had an unusual visitor to our back garden - a Barn Owl! It was the dog who alerted us - she always spots anything lurking in the garden. Hubby went to see what she was barking at, and there it was sitting on our garden wall. They are normally countryside birds, so to see one in the middle of Stafford must be quite rare.

A Barn Owl
 That has prompted me to post some links to some lovely items we bought (or the kids received) over Christmas. I am a big fan of handmade things, and owls are really popular at the moment! We bought this little fellow for my father-in-law:

He's all lovingly handmade in Yorkshire, and made from felt and wire - I love the attention to detail around his eyes! If you would like to have a look at more goreous felt birds, you can find them at The Felt Menagerie .

Here's another little handmade owl - the kids got one of these each from Santa, who must have been looking at The Linen Cat .

By a strange coincidence Beth, who owns 'The Linen Cat', used to know and live in the same village as my husband! Such a small world isn't it? Even more so now that we can buy such lovely things from all over the country.

More handmade things coming soon - maybe even some of my own :)

Bye for now!


  1. Great post loving all the owls real or otherwise so cute:)

  2. Thank you Angela - I always look forward to reading your blog posts :)

  3. Hi Jenny, thanks so much for including one of my owls in this post. I find his whole blogging/tweeting/handmade world quite amazing for it's connections and it was lovely to hear from J as it's many (sadly too many) years ago that we were kids living in Bolton Abbey. All the best, Beth


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