Friday, 13 April 2012

5 Spring Finds on Pinterest

Just a quick post today! Since the weather is being so 'British' I felt in need of some more spring-themed loveliness. After a quick look on Pinterest, I picked some of my favourite flowery things - these would make a lovely way to bring a bit of handmade spring into the house.

I love these colours - aren't they pretty?

Gorgeous garland, made into a tie-back
I would love to make a tie-back like this, but unfortunately all our curtains at home are quite thick and heavy (to keep out the cold!!) and our dog would probably eat anything this pretty and dangly!

I just think this looks so cheerful - what a lovely card to send.
Finally, I know Easter has now gone but I couldn't resist a couple of bunnies!

There we go! I hope you liked them.

Have you bought or made anything to bring a touch of spring into your home? Do let me know, and I'll share them in a future blog post if you like :-)

See you soon! 
Jenny x